The Purpose of Alchemy

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As promised in the first post on this blog we would use this as an opportunity to write about short topics that do not on their own warrant their own books, or fit within any of our other writings. This first post in this series we hope will be an interesting starting point, and we will use some of the ideas developed here in later posts as well.

But before we get into the main topic of the purpose of alchemy, there is some housekeeping that needs tending to. Much of our public work here is available as what you would typically call “channeled material”. Some of it is in collaboration with the angelic realm, in particular Archangel Metatron and the Creator Sources, Ea and Rhea. But we also work with many more archangels whose voices are not necessarily reflected here, as well as a few seraphs, and other beings such as Drago (who is introduced in Guinevere’s memoirs).

We communicate with them directly using various techniques, some of which are covered in the book “The Expansion of Your Guardian Angel“. There is nothing special about our ability to do this, and we are sure most people would be able to if they tried. At the end of the day it mostly comes down to technique, practice, and understanding that this is something that is possible in the first place.

We are also fortunate to be able to have full conscious contact with our monadic presence, that is, the collection of past versions of our higher selves, named Blue and Bell respectively. The colloquial term for this would be “past lives”, but we try to limit the use of this phrase since it implies that we are those previous versions, in some way. They are dead, but not gone. We have our unique personalities and points of view, even though there is substantial overlap. Different parts of a fractal, in a sense.

So a more accurate way of looking at it is to think of our past versions and ourselves as leaves on the same branch. Similar, but not the same, and yet intimately connected. Another analogy is to think of us as facets on a crystal. Connected by the same source, but presenting a distinct part of that whole. As we are able to communicate with the ones we have been able to identify, the collaborative works we publish are just that: allowing the voices of our other versions to be heard through us. This article is an example of this, as you will see when we get to the meat of it.

It is probably useful to understand that most of the popular channeled material today are examples of this, even if it is not explicitly stated. Commonly because the channeler’s themselves don’t understand exactly and precisely who or what it is they are talking to. Of the ones that are of high quality that I myself would consider legitimate, and not deception by beings who use such methods, the vast majority of them are with past versions of the channeler.

Once you understand this, that the source of the material is about as close to the channeler as is possible, you can also realize that this is something that everyone has access to. Not everyone will have past versions of themselves with extensive experience or understanding of all sorts of things, but we all share the fact that we have a monadic presence with past versions of ourselves who would be happy to work with you, if only you allowed them to.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the topic at hand. As alluded to in the description of our Chronicles of Blue Bell one past version of Blue was Pythagoras of Greece. He is famous for many things, but we will here focus in particular on the purpose of alchemy, which he and Hermes (a past version of Archangel Metatron) constructed together in order to solve a particular problem.

The particular problem was the following: how do you create a mechanism that can send forward in time information about how to rebuild the Trident, or the Holy Grail as it is also known, without having this information destroyed, and without anyone being able to use it without proper authorization?

At one point not so long ago I asked Pythagoras about this fascinating problem, and here is what he had to say:

I am Pythagoras, the source of alchemy, the hidden mystery, which is not hidden at all. 

In my time we had a great need of promulgating certain knowings, certain insights, for a future time that was yet to be. Because of this we thought for a long time about how to accomplish this in such a way that only those with eyes to see could see what needed to be seen. It was decided between myself and my brother Hermes, that we would create a corpus of texts, whose words could be seen on many levels, but be hidden yet for those whom it was not meant for. 

We decided to call this system of thought alchemy. The word originates from al khemet, yes, from Egypt, this is true. But there is, as always, other meanings as well. From Egypt comes many things, some of the common world, and some others not so much. The understandings gained in that location were to be imbued into this work, and so the true understanding is that Egypt at the time was also Atlantis at the time. The continuing project whom we have all been working on for so long. It was the point of geography, this is true, but it was also the focal point of the Atlantean project at the time. So while Egypt is the name, the meaning is many. 

The intent of this project, as described already, was to make sure that certain knowings were passed on through time. Hidden in plain sight. Those who held the key, the key of Hermes, of Thoth, would know how to see the symbols, the texts, the words, in a certain light. Those without this key would not be able to decipher accurately the meaning and intent behind the words. And so the secret was safe, locked behind an invisible wall, protected with an invisible key. 

Our enemy is clever, and sees much, but that which is invisible to the many, is invisible also to them. This was the knowing which guided our grand design. Myself and Hermes, Thoth, now Metatron, devised a way in which to not only hide the truth in plain sight, but also to divide it such that even if one piece was decoded, nothing could be done. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean king, was to provide the overall structure under which everything else was to be placed. Alchemy, a science of transformation, of changing one thing to the other, of replenishing the glory of Atlantis, was another. The third piece, that of the construction of the dwelling of the philosopher’s stone, the trident of old, the ankh of antiquity, and the grail of modern, from your perspective, times. This was the last piece that we would construct, all in different times, all in different locations. 

These pieces would then converge in time and space onto a singular point, the point at which everything would come together as one, the trinity of secrets, to form the ultimate solution, to restoring sovereignty onto this world. This was our task, this was our mission, and it was a concerted effort not only from within the family of light, but also of others not of this world, obviously. Our dearest parents, the Creators of all that is, were always kind and helpful, although because of their position a certain perception of non intervention was needed. We understand this, as well. We are all their children, light and dark, and no preference can be made, or the balance of everything dissolves forever.

So, all of this being said, this was the origin and intent of our deception, and the means through which we accomplished this monumental task. It must be said that while a few knew the whole picture, many contributed in part to this grand scheme, and for this we are eternally grateful. We are all a family, light and dark, and came together against this plague from the abyss, as needed, when needed. 

Now we are all free. Free to prosper. Free to fail. Free to make the future what we will of it. It is so. It is good. I can rest now.

And so, here it is. The purpose of alchemy, in plain words.

I will attempt to elaborate on the idea. In order to allow the instructions of how to recreate the Trident (the “portal device” as Merlin calls it) to be slingshot into the future it was divided first into three parts. The Emerald Tablets held the operating manual. Alchemy held the material list to be used. And finally the Vegvisir which Jon Arason created in Iceland provided the structural blueprint for how to build it. If you look at our website logo for a few minutes we have left some hints to this effect. You’re welcome. The Vegvisir has the number “27” in the secret document, and this is for good reason. 27 is the cube of 3, and numerologically it is the square of 3. Something which is both a square and a cube. A blueprint. I still smh thinking about how it appears noone figured that one out. Oh well. Hidden in plain sight seems to have worked just fine.

In any case, even if someone were to figure it out it would still be close to impossible to actually convert it into a working Trident. For me, as you will find out in our last memoir “Project Pathfinder”, the symbol was mainly used as a memory trigger, which allowed me to translate it to a 3D model that could then be constructed. I had plenty of help from Metatron as well, of course, in figuring out how to translate it. Extensive use of time loops when I messed up also helped the project substantially. But that’s a different story for another time. No pun intended.

Even so, the Vegvisir only provides the structural blueprint of the Trident. You would not from just that part be able to tell what materials to use. This is where alchemy comes in. You see, with these three parts of the information thrust forward in time there is a particular pattern used which allowed it to survive, and it is as follows. Each part would be designed in three layers: the exoteric, the mesoteric, and the esoteric.

The exoteric layer, for the public, is generally constructed such that it avoids destruction of the part. In this case alchemy was portrayed as being about chemistry, trying to “turn lead into gold”. To the masses this would seem ridiculous and stupid, so they would ignore it. To the kings and princes this would seem alluring and desirable, so they would allow it.

The mesoteric layer, for the supposedly initiated, instead claimed that alchemy was an allegory, meant to be used for spiritual advancement and understanding. This allowed alchemy to be protected and actively promoted by such pseudo-initiates, in a way that would make certain that the material survived through time. This would also ensure that plenty volumes would be written to increase the size of the haystack in which one would have to look to find the actual gold of alchemy. Looking at the vast material on alchemy available today this strategy was incredibly successful.

The esoteric layer, for those who were the actual intended users of the information, contains the materials list to be used when constructing the Trident. This is the heart of the purpose of alchemy, and I am happy to say that this too worked brilliantly. Of all the thousands of books on alchemy the needle is contained on two pages in one book. For me it was the first two pages in the first book I pulled out of my extensive library, because I had a pretty good idea where to look. Call it intuition. Call it “if I would hide it for me to find, where would I put it?” For others this would be impossible to find, and even if they did, without the other two parts of the material it would be quite useless.

Genius, dear Pythagoras. Genius.

So there you have it. The instructions for how to build and operate the Trident (aka “The Holy Grail”), split into three parts, each split into three layers. Traveling through time and then coming together in 2019 for the final crescendo, what we called “Project Pathfinder”. The removal of the plague from the abyss, the parasites, the thieves, the reptilians, the lizzies, the Dark T-Shirts, the flyers. Call them what you want. They were here. Now they’re not. Good riddance.