Notes on morphogenetic fields, structured water, and the physical energy body

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A few days back I watched an excellent interview between Curt Jaimungal of the Theories of Everything YouTube channel and Michael Levin, who was describing experiments and observations regarding cell and body growth, and how this was seemingly influenced by electric voltage gradient patterns. What excited me the most is that it appeared to be a great example of what we have described in our “Nature of Consciousness Series” books, when it comes to the relationship between the material biological body and the etheric physical energy body. Here is a relevant snippet from the chapter “Incarnation” in the introductory book “Overview of Reality”:

Of course, as far as you are aware your body consists of individual atoms, and so if you were to reduce it down to pieces there is no such thing as a body, just the individual parts making up the appearance of one. However, this is not quite accurate, as the material body itself is in a way a projection of the true body, the blueprint of it. It exists as a whole, and contains and energizes the chakras, the swirling pools of energy, which in truth constitute your actual body, separate from the physical representation which you currently believe is your body. It is not. The material body itself is more appropriately thought of as a projection, which “atoms”, in your language, attach to. 

So there is the actual etheric body, which creates a blueprint, or a structure, which atoms then adhere to in order to produce a vehicle which can function in the mechanical world, using mechanical rules, in a way that it appears to be alive and animated. 

If you take away the underlying etheric body, the actual body, this material body immediately stops functioning, as you have probably observed yourself. Death is therefore best thought of as the separation of this etheric blueprint body from the material, rather than the soul “leaving” the material body, which in truth it was never “in”.

Archangel Metatron

After having made this connection between what Michael was discussing and the principles outlined by Archangel Metatron in our books we had a conversation about it, where I asked for more detail, and tried to figure out a way to connect the general principles we describe in the book and the specific results that Michael was seeing in his experiments.

This article is a result of that conversation, and an attempt to at least start the discussion of understanding how the non-physical energy bodies that Archangel Metatron has described have a very much practical influence over what we can observe in material reality.

To be able to follow along with what Archangel Metatron is describing I would suggest watching the interview with Michael first:

For a shorter discussion, which also includes video imagery of the experiments, I would recommend the following TED Talk:

Finally, in order to connect the observations of Michael with the etheric physical energy body it is important to understand the results of Professor Pollack’s studies on structured water, which also happens to be conveniently available as a TED Talk:

With this information and understanding as backdrop I now leave it to Archangel Metatron to connect the dots:

We will here attempt to show how the so-called morphogenetic fields that Michael Levin has studied, with the insight of exploring how electric voltage gradients can steer or guide cell construction and body growth, relate to what we would refer to as energy bodies, or etheric energy bodies more generally. 

The experiments that Michael has demonstrated clearly show that there is a missing mechanism, in the sense that while you can see how these voltage gradients encourage the cells to grow in one way and not another, and then stop when finished, at the end of the day there is no known mechanism to understand how this comes about. This short writing will attempt to address this.

The starting point is to understand that all material matter exists within the holographic projection which you understand to be reality. Some of this matter is not attached to what you would denote as alive bodies. The material that is, however, is subjected not only to the rules of the holographic projection but also the nudges and patterns imprinted on it from the separate light soul incarnations, which we would refer to as the energy bodies in which the well-known, if not necessarily well-understood, chakras exist as swirling energy patterns. 

The individual incarnation has these energy bodies, sometimes more and sometimes fewer, depending on the complexity of the biological being and also depending on the sophistication and stage of the light soul being incarnated. 

For the purpose of this discussion we would like to focus on the energy body which is related primarily to the expression of the material body. We will refer to this as the physical body, although it is entirely located in the higher densities outside of your material realm, as opposed to the material body which is what you can perceive and study using normal methods.

The physical body is what determines these energy patterns which Michael Levin has discovered. These patterns are largely based on the blueprint given to it from the species of the biological vessel, but individual changes are then superimposed on it due to personal needs and variations. 

This then creates the overall blueprint for the individual being, which is then projected down into the material body, allowing the cells to structure themselves around this blueprint, each knowing their place and what to do. Not because they have this knowledge and understanding, but because they are simply following the instructions of the projected pattern. 

This is, in short form, the connection between what Michael has observed and what we describe as the blueprint patterns contained in the higher energy bodies, which we explain in more detail in our work “The Nature of Consciousness Series”. We would suggest that the interested reader investigates this work for further detail.

Now, we have shown you the ends of this causal link in a sense, with the material body growth around a pattern on the one end, and the energy body blueprint on the other. But there is some work to be done to connect these two in the middle, as it were. To do this we now have to understand the function of water as it relates to the material body and the physical body blueprint. 

Some researchers on your planet have discovered that water has a capacity to create structures which are not free-form, and which exhibit electrical gradients under these circumstances. Under the influence of light water can essentially create these structures, which in turn create these voltage gradients. These gradients are ultimately what cause the patterns which Michael has discovered, and which determine the growth in the natural case, not under the influence of artificial laboratory experiments. 

As the natural shape of the structure of water happens to be dodecahedral, and the various gradients it creates can be shaped from the various alterations to this shape, it becomes the perfect mechanism for light souls and energy bodies, whose natural shape also is that of the dodecahedron, to mirror from the higher density into the lower, by means of energy pressure being passed down, or up, through the mechanism of resonance. 

This is what allows a non-material body such as the physical energy body to maintain the patterns for growth, which then are passed down to the water “below”, if we may use this term, and these water structures and the resulting voltage gradients then ultimately is what guides the cell growth to fit the initial pattern that was desired. 

This concludes the description of how to connect the observations of Michael Levin with the understanding of the energy bodies which each incarnated light soul contains. There is obviously infinitely more that could be said on the topic, but for now we feel it is enough to demonstrate the idea.

Archangel Metatron

To conclude, the experiments and observations that Michael presented are not only important for the understanding of how these non-material energy bodies have a direct impact on the material body, and in doing so provide the non-local pattern which otherwise has no explanation, but they also finally allow for an understanding of how the structured water discoveries by Professor Pollack fits in by mediating between these two levels.