Queen of Light: The Memoirs of Guinevere

“Arthur lives. Maimed, but alive.”

For the longest time Guinevere has been known as the betrayer, the cheater, and the traitor of Camelot. Nothing was further from reality. Her secret was kept hidden, so that the light could withstand the darkest of times.

Now the time has come to reveal the truth. Behind what was seen and misunderstood by the world, Guinevere was a warrior of light, who sacrificed herself in order to fight the demons of darkness.

This memoir is her own account of what transpired behind the scenes, with foreword by Merlin and epilogue by Arthur Pendragon.

In this book Guinevere herself reveals:

  • The real reason behind her affair with Lancelot
  • The true nature of the grail technology and its function
  • Why the knights of the round table were searching for the grail
  • The identity of the Lady of the Lake
  • Why Excalibur and Arwyn could only be used by Arthur and Guinevere
  • Where Merlin came from, and his true powers
  • Their encounters with jinns, dragons, fairies, demons, and more…