The Chronicles of Blue Bell

What if there is a story that transcends all of human history?

This anthology series of novels lets you follow characters that you are familiar with as they discover and deal with threats to humanity, from the very beginning up until our present day.

These books mesh together elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and drama, in a way that you have never seen before. Dragons and jinn, angels and demons, reptilians and grays, all come together to fight for control over Earth. 

While these books are independent, each covering a particular period in time, they also weave together a bigger storyline that puts the great mysteries of our world into a cohesive puzzle to be solved. Where do we come from? Who are we, and who are our friends and enemies? What can we discover about ourselves and each other, and what are the epic events that have lead us to the present moment? These are some of the questions and journeys that we will present in this anthology.

We invite you to join the great adventure!

Other Writings

The following books are either standalone works by Blue Bell, or collaborative works with Archangel Metatron, formerly known as Thoth the Atlantean.