The Chronicles of Blue Bell

What if there is a story that transcends all of human history?

These are the chronicles of Blue and Bell, two strands of light that have experienced an epic adventure like nothing before it. You may know us by our names throughout time, but not this story. And we are now finally able to share it with the world. Enjoy!

The books will be written as memoirs of our past lives, and published out of sequence, and once the series is complete we will rearrange them into a suggested reading order.

Here is the full list of memoirs to be included in the series:

Le’Asdhur and Le’Inthar of Arcturus, Human DNA Blueprint Project
Poseidon of Lyra and Dhureena of Andromeda, Operators of the Trident, Atlantis
Horus and Hathor, Custodians of Ankh Technology, Egypt
Pythagoras and Theano, Creation of Alchemy, Greece
Arthur Pendragon and Lady Guinevere, The Grail Quest, Camelot
Jón Arason and Helga Sigurðardóttir, Creating the Vegvisir Blueprint (“Wayfinder Compass”), Iceland
Miyamoto Mikinosuke and Honda Tadatoki, The Clock of Ieyasu, Japan
Current incarnations of Blue and Bell (i.e. us), Project Pathfinder

Other Writings

The following books are either standalone works by Blue Bell, or collaborative works with Archangel Metatron, formerly known as Thoth the Atlantean.