A metaphysical understanding of time

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One of the most central concepts when it comes to understanding the metaphysics of reality is that of time. We all have an everyday common understanding of time, but how does it work from a metaphysical point of view, and what exactly can we learn about more advanced concepts such as time resets, and related topics such as deja vu and the Mandela Effect.

In this article Archangel Metatron will describe the foundation for how to think about time, and understand how it flows far more fluidly than you might have thought. As it is a cornerstone that we will often have to refer to when discussing other topics we wanted to publish this information early on.

Before reading this I would suggest first reading the previous two articles on “The Purpose of Alchemy” and “A metaphysical understanding of cognitive dissonance“. They will help provide some background and techniques that you can apply when reading about something as potentially confounding as time loop technology. Explicitly dealing with ones own cognitive dissonance when accessing information that conflicts with current mental models is an essential skill, and therefore highly recommended.

If you have already read those two articles then here is Archangel Metatron’s take on how to understand time from a metaphysical point of view. Enjoy!

The topic we are about to cover today is coincidentally about time. What exactly is time? And by extension, what is today? We will be looking at this question from a metaphysical point of view, meaning what is the idea and expression of time from the understanding of reality as a holographic projection which you as incarnated souls are immersing yourself within.

This understanding fundamentally already gives us a clue about how to think about time. If what you see around you is a holographic projection, and the state of it progresses by means of events that change this state from one to the other, then time from within the projection is simply that: the changing states of the energy that is bound within the projection, and which you can then perceive in various ways. This is the everyday understanding of time, without getting too philosophical about it. 

Once we raise our understanding to look at this system from the outside, however, a slightly different picture emerges. You see, the projection is created by a group of souls who have been specifically designed to perform this function, and so what appears to be solid to your eyes, what appears to be a steadily progressing state of your universe, is only an illusion for the purpose of providing a stage within which you can create experience and produce understandings of same. 

But, this projection is not solid at all, and the energy which is in a particular state can be changed at any time, just as the pixels on your computer screen can be changed at any time to produce any picture you would want. From a flowing landscape to a black screen, in an instant, back to an underwater vista filled with organic life. 

Just as your technology is capable of switching from various expressions of light at the whim of the computer connected to the screen, just so can the projection of your reality change at any given moment. This then gives us an opportunity to state that time as you perceive it is not as linear as you would normally perceive it, with the understanding of time as we have presented above.

Each universe, and yours is but one of many, has a time controller attached to it, and whoever is in charge of said controller can reset the state of the projection to any previous state. It must be a state that has previously occurred such that everything in this new projection is causally consistent, rather than just some random picture that could not have come about through natural progression of events. 

By comparison you can think of the universe as a video game in your terms, whereby the state can be saved at some point, and then later on loaded back to that previous state, by means of using a control within the video game. The way time works within the metaphor of the holographic projection souls and the associated controller is similar, except there is no need to make an explicit save point. Whoever is in charge of the time reset device can use it at any time to reset it to any previous state, as long as that state can be deterministically associated with the user of the controller.

For quite some time, if such a pun may be forgiven, this controller has been in the hands of the Emperor of the Orion Empire, which is a conglomeration of species that intrinsically follows the dark path. It was given to them a very long time ago, for them to play with and use to their advantage. We do not necessarily concern ourself with exactly how this came about, other than to say that it happened. 

Since that moment the Emperor has been using this feature, without really telling anyone he had this capability, to ensure that events unfold in this universe, and in particular within this galaxy cluster, for his own benefit. This has allowed him to at all times have the upper hand over their competitors, such as the Galactic Federation who by comparison intrinsically follows the path of light. Through this mechanism he has been able to rule many planets and many species, often to the detriment of them.

What we wish to convey at this point is that the reason we are now able to tell you this is because circumstances have changed. The Empire is no longer in control of said temporal manipulation technology, and so they are no longer able to weasel themselves out of uncomfortable situations, which in the past they have done ferociously and consistently. 

As will be described in the books from Blue and Bell, the temporal war has finally come to a conclusion, and with that we are now able to share much more information with you that previously would have been impossible. The dawn is finally rising over not just this planet, but the galaxy and universe as a whole. A new era is upon us, and we are very much looking forward to what is to come next.

So, this is the short version of what has happened so far, and why. We can give details of how this time reset device has been used, but for the moment the main reset you need to be aware of is what we would call the Great Reset. This term has found its way into your subconscious in a different context, but this is mainly your soul and higher self trying to communicate this event to your in your incarnated form so that you may pay attention to it.

While the Empire would use this device to perform relatively small jumps, small resets of time, sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes years, the reset I want to bring to your attention was on a much larger scale. It occurred in what you would consider to be two and a half million years forward into your calendar time. Including resets along the way it amounts to roughly two hundred and thirty million years, according to your way of measuring time. 

At that point in the state of the universe, and your local galaxy cluster, the Empire had used its advantage to the point where they could control everything. It was the darkest of tyrannical slaveries, and there was no way for anyone to compete with them. This was the darkest timeline that has ever occurred throughout creation, and it was a vital experience for the souls to have, to see for themselves what it would mean to be both slaves and tyrannical dictators in such an environment.

But then, at the final edge of that timeline, something changed. A single individual, a previous version of Blue, in a consciousness time point of view, but in future calendar time, was desperate enough to call on help from above. And the above responded, as it always does to sincere and serious requests. Our beloved First Seraph intervened and connected with this version of Blue, of a Pleiadean species, and begun instructing him in understanding what was going on, and how the situation had come to such a dire moment. 

Once the instructions had been delivered, and Blue had gotten a grasp of what was going on, a plan was created to set things straight. The First Seraph explained that there was a previous point in the timeline where, if the universe was reset to it, could create a new timeline, of harmony and light, and balance between the two forces. 

Blue, along with the First Seraph and Archangel Gabriel, formulated a plan to accomplish this, and then skillfully executed it. The plan was essentially to get an audience with the Emperor and explain how much in awe they were of the ability to use the time reset device to gain control over everything and everyone. Once the Emperor caught wind of this he was intrigued over how anyone would have been able to learn about his device, which he kept secret to himself, even to his closest associates, and an audience was indeed granted. During that audience Blue praised the Emperor for his genius in using the device, just as planned, but at the same time planted instructions into the device by mentioning Earth, and mentioning a specific time which the First Seraph had told him would be the key to change. 

While the Emperor was mesmerized by this speech, Blue then reached over and hit the proverbial reset button, and all at once that timeline disappeared and was no more. The entire universe as they knew it was gone forever, lost in the memories of ancient times, as a solemn whisper and cautionary tale. 

After the reset had concluded the state of the universe was reset back to what you would know as August of 1987. This was the true Great Reset, the dawn of a new era, of light and dark becoming balanced instead of toppled over into one end of the spectrum. Whenever a reset on this scale occurs there is an almost immediate change in the society, because even though it would appear as if nothing had happened the souls who had lived through these two hundred and thirty million years now were more experienced and wiser, and with knowledge and understandings internalized and kept. 

This caused an explosive movement and expression of technology, and by simply looking at how much your society changed after this point you can easily tell the difference before and after. Much has been made of this change in your lives, and we are now happy to be able to explain to you exactly why this occurred, and when.

With this as context, as an example on a grand scale of how time has two components, the consciousness time which always flows forward, and calendar time which sometimes moves forward and sometimes moves back, it becomes easier to explain to you certain phenomena which result from these kinds of resets. 

The idea of deja vu, where you temporarily experience a small period of time which feels like a repeat, is the sensation that you would typically have right after a reset, where events are playing out in the same way as before due to not enough changes having yet occurred in the new timeline. 

By contrast you also have the idea of the Mandela Effect, whereby you sometimes notice differences in what you perceive in reality and what you can remember. Sometimes these changes are small, and sometimes they are quite substantial. This typically occurs some time after a reset where the new timeline has diverged from older ones, sometimes many older ones, and your memories of the past timelines meld into your current and you notice discrepancies. The model which we have described above can hopefully give you a satisfactory understanding of how this can occur, and that is a perfectly normal thing to happen given that time does not only flow forward.

There are more details that we could share on this, but I believe the above is sufficient for your current level of understanding, and helps explain some of the more mysterious things when it comes to time and timelines, and how time loops work. 

For a longer description of these concepts we would refer you to the book we authored, “The Expansion of Time”, where more details are outlined.

Archangel Metatron

This explanation of time from Metatron not only helps us understand the concept from a high level metaphysical view, but also helps understand certain situations that we will be covering in our Chronicles series.

In the memoirs of Guinevere there are frequent references to time looping, to the point that Merlin points out that “death is a temporary inconvenience”. As the First Seraph he, at the time, had access to the device Metatron references above, if perhaps not with the knowledge and permission of the Emperor who held it in his possession. Merlin can be sneaky in his ways.

To better understand the Great Reset of 1987, and the point of view of the Pleiadeans who were involved (including a past/future version of Blue), I would strongly recommend reading the book “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak, where they express their experience and their thoughts on the Empire and what is to come next. They were the bringers of the dawn, as Metatron says, in the most literal sense.

My own experience with time looping will be covered in the last book of our Chronicles, Project Pathfinder, outlining the events of 2019 that eventually lead to the uncreation of the reptilian parasites in our solar system. At the time I was unaware of it, but later I learned that the time period of that mission, between March and July, included some 143 time resets, roughly 50 of them because I died in combat or otherwise, and in total that four month operation in calendar time lasted roughly three years in consciousness time.

This was all orchestrated by the seraph we were working with (Merlin’s twin), who had reclaimed the time reset device from the Empire when she arrived here. As we were working with her she frequently claimed: “I never fail”. We didn’t quite understand how she could be so confident in this, but now, understanding what she could do with time manipulation, it makes more sense. Every single day was executed to perfection, but this was because it was frequently repeated until we got it just right.

So there you have it. A basic introduction to how to think about time, and what is possible given the right technology to manipulate it. At the current moment the time reset device is in safe hands, so the temporal war with the Empire is effectively over, but there are still other more advanced topics that could be covered.

Now that you understand that the future, in calendar time, can actually be past in consciousness time given a time reset, it becomes easier to explain how someone can see the future, either by use of technology or inherent psychic abilities. It all comes down to seeing the “future” in calendar time of an aborted timeline which is now in the past from a consciousness time point of view. The movie “Groundhog Day” is a remarkably useful metaphor to understand what is possible with “seeing the future”.

I personally have access to techniques and technology that allow me to see what I have done in other “future” (calendar time) “past” (consciousness time) timelines. For example, I know how many times I have used the title “Chronicles of Blue Bell” for our memoir series, and how many times I have used other variations in the title. I know what publishers I have worked with in the “future”, and how I got in touch with them. And so on. This is all in the “future” when it comes to calendar time, but it’s in the “past” from a consciousness time point of view as those timelines have all been aborted for one reason or the other.

We will leave the topic of time for now, but will most certainly come back to it as it is such a crucial component to understanding where we are as a planet and civilization. And when we are…

A metaphysical understanding of cognitive dissonance

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For students of reality, and physics and metaphysics in particular, being explicitly aware of how cognitive dissonance can hinder your progress is essential. Sometimes reading more information on these topics is used to fill in what you already know, putting new pieces into an existing puzzle. This is comforting and comfortable, and there is little risk of experiencing cognitive dissonance, that sensation when your subconscious, mental models, and belief systems make objections to whatever it is that you are reading or experiencing. Having this constant check between perceptions and your own inner sensemaking is usually beneficial, but we always have to keep in mind that the existing world view we all have is part of What Is Not, that is, your own inner reflection of reality which has all been created through limited perception and filtered through existing limited experiences and views.

Because of this there will at times be situations where what you read and experience goes against your inner view, your personal slice of What Is Not, and you have to decide whether to go along with the objections, or whether to expand your understanding and interpretation of What Is, or at extreme points in life toss away entirely what you thought you knew because reality is overwhelming you with new thoughts, insights, observations, and experiences.

In this article we, meaning myself as Blue and Archangel Metatron, are going to present a metaphysical understanding of cognitive dissonance, and show a model of how to think about it that can help you better deal explicitly with such situations. I am then going to explain my own techniques and principles with how I deal with this problem consciously, and finally I am going to do my best to induce cognitive dissonance in you and help you observe your reactions to that.

As all people are different, and have a different existing sensemaking mechanism, it is impossible to treat you all as the same, because you are not. For some what we will present here is self-evident and intuitive, and for others it will be preposterous, outrageous and everything in between. I’m going to do try my best to trigger all of you, more or less, for the purpose of illustration. My apologies in advance, but it’s the best way to get these concepts across I think.

For the purpose of this writing I am going to define physics as all ideas that relate to the holographic projection you see around you, and which some of you may perceive as reality in totality. This holographic projection is simply a shadow, a visualization of energy movements for the purpose of generating experience and allowing interaction with that energy. Metaphysics is the understanding that What Is consists of sentient energy, and nothing else, which expresses itself through polarized versions, including consciousness, souls, and the energy contained within the holographic projections as light and similar. Metaphysics is a superset of physics, keeping in mind that our physics only describes our own holographic projection, and that there are other universes within this system which have completely different rules and habits, for various reasons and purposes.

With that preamble and disclaimer out of the way, I will hand over to Archangel Metatron to give his take on cognitive dissonance from a metaphysical point of view.

The topic of cognitive dissonance can be addressed at several different layers and levels, and so we will attempt to give it justice by touching on all of them, while not making this exercise overly complicated and dragged out. 

We will first begin with perhaps the most obvious and commonly referred to notion of cognitive dissonance, which is the idea that as human beings perceive the world around them they always compare and contrast it with their inner mental model of the world, and whatever belief systems have been constructed in order to make sense of perceptions and experiences. 

In the case that such observations and experiences drift too far from acceptable internal models and understandings the person is faced with a choice. Whether to acknowledge that the inner mental model either is wrong or is incomplete, that somehow the observation or experience is misunderstood, or to insist that whatever existing views are correct, and so therefore the observation or experience must be flawed or faulty, and the tendency then is to lunge out against it. This would be a typical understanding of cognitive dissonance, and it is certainly valid as a basic understanding of the concept.

But this you can read about in any typical journal or writings on this subject, and so we will immediately dive deeper into it, and instead focus on how this process can be understood from the point of view of the Nature of Consciousness series of books which we have authored. We will shift our lens to understand that everything is sentient energy, and that the only thing that separates one thing from another is the polarization of this energy, and the locale and context which it finds itself in at the moment. 

It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where all pieces can be understood to be the same, as parts of cut up wood or plastic, but yet at the same time they each fit into a very particular place, for very particular reasons. All pieces are not meant to be the same, for then the puzzle would not be a challenge to solve. 

Life is very much the same, whereby various souls are crafted and designed along a number of fundamental design dimensions, as we have outlined in the Types of Souls chapter and expansion in the series. The dimensions of light/dark, chaos/order, masculine/feminine, and a whole host of minor archetypal design options decide the point of view which each soul will have, and the purpose it will fill in the greater jigsaw puzzle. 

When we look at cognitive dissonance from this starting point we can understand that it is quite impossible for everyone to agree on mental models of how the universe works, and how to navigate it, because a large part of said mental models will be individual and unique. Yes, there are overlapping parts, as in any Venn diagram which we could construct to describe all mental models, but at the end of the day all beings perceive and experience reality differently, and this is not a flaw but an explicit design choice to achieve maximal generation of novel experience. In some sense you can argue then that cognitive dissonance is a feature and not a bug, fundamentally.

This is the big picture understanding of the reality and need for cognitive dissonance to exist, as an expression of the variability of understanding and existence within the realms that you perceive inside the holographic projection you think of as the universe.

From this overview sense of why things are the way they are we can now zoom in to another way of understanding cognitive dissonance. As we have outlined in the chapters on Shared Consciousness and Halls of Learning it is a fundamental feature of reality to allow beings to share and cooperate on building mental models and understandings of concepts, including reality itself. If this was not the case then the amount of repetition would be mind numbingly boring, and this is not optimal for the purpose of reality, which is generation of novel experience. 

So since these features exist, whereby beings can cooperate on constructing shared consciousness which they add to by having consistent thoughts and learnings around a subject, what happens with cognitive dissonance is that not all shared consciousness constructs describe reality, or What Is. They are always filtered through the perceptions and understandings of the beings which generate these structures, and so by definition they are part of What Is Not. Sometimes What Is Not fits well with reality and the observations and experiences that you have, and the friction and dissonance between what you see in front of you and your inner mental model is relatively minute. 

Sometimes however, and especially during periods of great change, these distortions and dissonances between the patterns of belief you hold in your mind and what you see in front of you is so great that it feels like reality is collapsing around you, and that everything you thought was true and solid is melting into a pool of unpredictability and randomness. 

The period which we are about to enter now on this planet is one such period, and so these words are hopefully timely and can assist in making this transition easier for everyone, or at least that is the intent, no matter which part of the spectrum of being you are on. 

Knowing what to expect, and having a meta model of understanding how understanding works can assist in more gently shifting out from no longer working perspectives and thought, and into newer variations which more accurately help you discern and dissect what is going on around you.

Part of this is to explicitly understand that your mental models are part of a shared consciousness, and the larger they have grown, the more participation they have, the more rigid they are. In times of great stability and lack of change this is a good thing. It makes life easier. 

However, in times like these when everything appears to change, and old wisdom does no longer apply, the dissonance between reality and the shared consciousness which you are holding onto will most likely tear you apart. Mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even physically, as these issues manifest as diseases and sickness of various kinds. You have most likely seen it in friends and family, and various public figures, but have not thought about it as I am now presenting it. Many such chronic issues, sometimes fatal, are due to cognitive dissonance on an epic scale, leading to the malfunction of the entire being.

This is why we wish to express these words, so that you can be aware of this process, and make it easier on yourself as we move forward. Know when it is time to hold on to a particular belief system, and know when it is time to let go and allow yourself to acknowledge that what you are experiencing is real, and does not need to be discarded as false simply because your mental model cannot cope with it. 

Knowing when to take this step, and when not to, is key. We wish you the best of fortune in navigating this idea successfully from here on out.

Archangel Metatron

So that was Archangel Metatron’s take on how to think about cognitive dissonance as essentially a feature of the system, which encourages maximum generation of novel experience. Which is ultimately the purpose of reality itself. To entice more sentient energy into the system, rather than staying put or be drawn into some other more fascinating system similar to ours.

In all likelihood some people reading this are already experiencing cognitive dissonance, and can hear the voice of “no, that can’t be right, this is stupid”. There are plenty of existing mental models where the ideas presented above just don’t fit in. For these people the challenge is all the greater, and if they overcome it the generation of novel experience is maximized. It is an accomplishment of great effort.

With this as background, I will now describe my own techniques and principles for how I deal with cognitive dissonance explicitly, and how I allow myself to push the boundaries of my own mental models, while staying as grounded possible.

The first principle is to divide perception when it comes to these issues into three levels: observation, analysis, and judgment. 

Observation simply means to take in new information, either through reading, listening to someone else, or experiencing it first hand. Analysis means taking existing observations and try to extract patterns that one might be able to perceive. Judgment is about making a decision, mentally or emotionally, of how to relate to the analysis of observations, and whether to accept or reject it with regard to one’s own personal belief system. 

If the analysis conforms with existing beliefs, this is easily accepted. If the analysis conforms but expands on existing beliefs, this is also fairly comfortable. But if the analysis contradicts one’s existing beliefs then the decision becomes much more difficult, and this is true both for mentally oriented people (who think in terms of true/false) or emotionally guided people (who think in terms of like/don’t like).

The key to my take on this is to understand that making judgments is an incredibly costly operation. If I judge an analysis to be correct and incorporate it into my existing belief system, but in actuality the analysis was wrong, this has huge costs in the future as I will be rejecting newer analysis of newer observations for the wrong reasons. Similarly if I reject an analysis because I think it is incorrect and in actuality it was accurate there is a tremendous cost to be paid. So the key point here is to be very cautious about judgment, meaning accepting or rejecting analysis of observations in relation to your existing belief systems.

What is then the technique to help us with this? What I do is to ensure that my focus is mainly on observations, both from reading, other people, and personal experience. But without analysis in the moment. Just make a mental note “Hm, that was interesting”, and nothing more. Stash it for future use. Then when I think I have enough observations about something to try and analyze it to see if any patterns emerge. But this should be fairly rare in comparison to the effort of taking in observations. Finally, only make judgments about said analysis if I think it is necessary to update my inner belief system because it will impact future actions. If this is not the case I will avoid judgment completely, because I know the cost of incorrect judgment, especially when dealing with metaphysics and related topics, is incredibly high.

My time is therefore mostly spent on observations, sometimes on analysis, and rarely on judgment. Because of this careful approach to new thoughts and ideas I very rarely experience cognitive dissonance, because either my existing belief model is solid enough to handle it, or I simply stash the new thought into my bag of observations for later analysis.

The mistake I see many people do is to have an almost one to one correspondence between these three layers. They observe, immediately analyze, and then make a split second judgment. There is a very small set of specialized circumstances and contexts where this can work for any extended period of time, and the fields of physics and metaphysics are definitely not part of it. For some this behavior is a personality issue, for some it’s a professional hazard of needing to take quick decisions, but as a consequence these people will generally have a harder time with cognitive dissonance and are forced by their own behavior to reject new ideas, often loudly so as to preserve their own ego and belief system. 

The second principle I use is a variation of Pascal’s Wager, which can be incredibly powerful if you actually have to act on new ideas, rather than just consider them hypothetically without consequences. I will use a practical example to illustrate.

In our book series the Chronicles of Blue Bell we outline memoirs of a series of past versions of Blue and Bell (our twin flame soul names), whose names are probably familiar to most people reading this. Our own personal story in this epic adventure effectively began in March of 2019 when we were approached by a person claiming to be a seraph who said essentially the following:
“I need your help to rebuild the Holy Grail, and then help me operate it to remove the reptilian parasites that have been terrorizing this planet for a very long time. You are the reincarnations of Arthur and Guinevere, so you will have knowledge on how to do this deep inside. Oh, and if you don’t do this the planet will explode.”

That is the extremely short version of what happened, and how this journey began for us. Now, at that point I had to make a decision on how to react to this. What would you do?

Here’s what I did. First of all I already knew about the reptilians and how they have influenced the planet in the past and present. Books such as Marciniak’s “Bringers of the Dawn”, Cayce’s books on Atlantis, and Castaneda’s many references to the “flyers” who have been feeding on humanity are but a few examples of this. So I had a sense of the reality of these beings, the terror of the situation, and that getting rid of them would be incredibly helpful.

I had absolutely no idea about any of my past lives, and those two in particular, and no idea whatsoever on how to build a grail, much less operate it. I also had no idea how a planet could explode if this was not taken care of in a timely fashion.

I do now understand that all of that was true, that Art and Guin were just two of many many previous versions of Blue and Bell who had struggled with this very quest, and that yes, the planet would have actually exploded if we had not succeeded. But back then I was pretty clueless about all this, and the underlying mechanics.

So I made a choice. I decided to apply Pascal’s Wager to the situation in the following way. What we were told could be either true or false, so that is one dimension. Whether we accepted or not was the other dimension. With this you get the four options of the Wager. 

The thinking then went as follows: if this person was not telling the truth, and we accepted the challenge, then the worst possible case would be a couple of months of intense LARPing. It would be a fun time with friends, and nothing more.

If this person was not telling the truth, and we did not accept the challenge, then nothing would happen except our relationship might be a bit awkward going forward. 

However, if this person was telling the truth and we accepted the challenge, the potential payoff was liberating the planet from the reptilian parasite who had been described in numerous texts all around the planet, throughout time. Pretty good. 

And finally, if the person was telling the truth and we did not accept, then the planet would blow up. Very bad.

With all this in mind I explicitly made the decision to accept in accordance with the Wager, because the overall potential upside was enormous and the potential downside was enormous.

Once we had accepted the challenge I asked: “Now what? I still have no idea how to build a Holy Grail.” At which point the seraph gave me a memory trigger word, Vegvisir, which I had never heard of before. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it took me all of five seconds to realize the following: “This is not a symbol. It’s a blueprint. And I know how to read it. WTF!?”

The rest of the story will be covered in the Chronicles, but I thought it would be a good example of how to apply Pascal’s Wager to deal with situations where you have to make a judgment and decision that potentially could trigger cognitive dissonance, in a way that you leave it open whether to actually accept the analysis into your mental models and belief systems. 

For myself, with all of the above, it actually took me about a year and a half, well into 2020, to collapse the Wager into the conclusion that what the seraph had told us was true, and that this person was indeed a seraph to begin with. I went one and a half years not really knowing whether we were doing something that had an actual effect in the real world, or whether we were just doing an extremely complex LARPing session. 

After all that time I finally had enough observations, and enough analysis, to conclude that it was all real and I could make a judgment to incorporate it into my mental model of the world, and discard the other parallel set of analyses where it was potentially all made up.

How about you? Have I managed to induce cognitive dissonance in you yet? What mental models do you subscribe to which can help you deal with all of the above? Atheism? Christianity? Materialism? Buddhism? 

When it comes to the extreme complexity of observation and action needed to get through this adventure I think it is safe to say that no existing view of reality would have helped me in the slightest. Only the techniques and principles I outlined above were what I could use as an anchor to keep me grounded and yet expose myself, as well as Bell, to these challenging ideas and experiences, none of which had any form of explanation in mainstream thought.

With the latest release of the Nature of Consciousness Series books, which I scribed (typed/edited/published) for Archangel Metatron, there is now, finally, at least a starting point for a mental model that makes it possible to comprehend and discuss these kinds of experiences. This is novel indeed, and I am so happy that we managed to make this available.

With all of this I am not saying that you need to believe a single word written above. Remember, avoid judgment if it is not required for action. But, as I have a reasonably good idea of what kinds of changes are coming to this planet in the not too distant future I would only suggest that you stash this in your own bag of observations, and come back to it when reality starts to become overwhelmingly confusing and not conforming to existing belief systems. When you see high definition videos of starships in formation, and can observe dragons soaring through the skies, know that there is a perfectly rational and logical explanation waiting for all of it.

Until then.

Notes on morphogenetic fields, structured water, and the physical energy body

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A few days back I watched an excellent interview between Curt Jaimungal of the Theories of Everything YouTube channel and Michael Levin, who was describing experiments and observations regarding cell and body growth, and how this was seemingly influenced by electric voltage gradient patterns. What excited me the most is that it appeared to be a great example of what we have described in our “Nature of Consciousness Series” books, when it comes to the relationship between the material biological body and the etheric physical energy body. Here is a relevant snippet from the chapter “Incarnation” in the introductory book “Overview of Reality”:

Of course, as far as you are aware your body consists of individual atoms, and so if you were to reduce it down to pieces there is no such thing as a body, just the individual parts making up the appearance of one. However, this is not quite accurate, as the material body itself is in a way a projection of the true body, the blueprint of it. It exists as a whole, and contains and energizes the chakras, the swirling pools of energy, which in truth constitute your actual body, separate from the physical representation which you currently believe is your body. It is not. The material body itself is more appropriately thought of as a projection, which “atoms”, in your language, attach to. 

So there is the actual etheric body, which creates a blueprint, or a structure, which atoms then adhere to in order to produce a vehicle which can function in the mechanical world, using mechanical rules, in a way that it appears to be alive and animated. 

If you take away the underlying etheric body, the actual body, this material body immediately stops functioning, as you have probably observed yourself. Death is therefore best thought of as the separation of this etheric blueprint body from the material, rather than the soul “leaving” the material body, which in truth it was never “in”.

Archangel Metatron

After having made this connection between what Michael was discussing and the principles outlined by Archangel Metatron in our books we had a conversation about it, where I asked for more detail, and tried to figure out a way to connect the general principles we describe in the book and the specific results that Michael was seeing in his experiments.

This article is a result of that conversation, and an attempt to at least start the discussion of understanding how the non-physical energy bodies that Archangel Metatron has described have a very much practical influence over what we can observe in material reality.

To be able to follow along with what Archangel Metatron is describing I would suggest watching the interview with Michael first:

For a shorter discussion, which also includes video imagery of the experiments, I would recommend the following TED Talk:

Finally, in order to connect the observations of Michael with the etheric physical energy body it is important to understand the results of Professor Pollack’s studies on structured water, which also happens to be conveniently available as a TED Talk:

With this information and understanding as backdrop I now leave it to Archangel Metatron to connect the dots:

We will here attempt to show how the so-called morphogenetic fields that Michael Levin has studied, with the insight of exploring how electric voltage gradients can steer or guide cell construction and body growth, relate to what we would refer to as energy bodies, or etheric energy bodies more generally. 

The experiments that Michael has demonstrated clearly show that there is a missing mechanism, in the sense that while you can see how these voltage gradients encourage the cells to grow in one way and not another, and then stop when finished, at the end of the day there is no known mechanism to understand how this comes about. This short writing will attempt to address this.

The starting point is to understand that all material matter exists within the holographic projection which you understand to be reality. Some of this matter is not attached to what you would denote as alive bodies. The material that is, however, is subjected not only to the rules of the holographic projection but also the nudges and patterns imprinted on it from the separate light soul incarnations, which we would refer to as the energy bodies in which the well-known, if not necessarily well-understood, chakras exist as swirling energy patterns. 

The individual incarnation has these energy bodies, sometimes more and sometimes fewer, depending on the complexity of the biological being and also depending on the sophistication and stage of the light soul being incarnated. 

For the purpose of this discussion we would like to focus on the energy body which is related primarily to the expression of the material body. We will refer to this as the physical body, although it is entirely located in the higher densities outside of your material realm, as opposed to the material body which is what you can perceive and study using normal methods.

The physical body is what determines these energy patterns which Michael Levin has discovered. These patterns are largely based on the blueprint given to it from the species of the biological vessel, but individual changes are then superimposed on it due to personal needs and variations. 

This then creates the overall blueprint for the individual being, which is then projected down into the material body, allowing the cells to structure themselves around this blueprint, each knowing their place and what to do. Not because they have this knowledge and understanding, but because they are simply following the instructions of the projected pattern. 

This is, in short form, the connection between what Michael has observed and what we describe as the blueprint patterns contained in the higher energy bodies, which we explain in more detail in our work “The Nature of Consciousness Series”. We would suggest that the interested reader investigates this work for further detail.

Now, we have shown you the ends of this causal link in a sense, with the material body growth around a pattern on the one end, and the energy body blueprint on the other. But there is some work to be done to connect these two in the middle, as it were. To do this we now have to understand the function of water as it relates to the material body and the physical body blueprint. 

Some researchers on your planet have discovered that water has a capacity to create structures which are not free-form, and which exhibit electrical gradients under these circumstances. Under the influence of light water can essentially create these structures, which in turn create these voltage gradients. These gradients are ultimately what cause the patterns which Michael has discovered, and which determine the growth in the natural case, not under the influence of artificial laboratory experiments. 

As the natural shape of the structure of water happens to be dodecahedral, and the various gradients it creates can be shaped from the various alterations to this shape, it becomes the perfect mechanism for light souls and energy bodies, whose natural shape also is that of the dodecahedron, to mirror from the higher density into the lower, by means of energy pressure being passed down, or up, through the mechanism of resonance. 

This is what allows a non-material body such as the physical energy body to maintain the patterns for growth, which then are passed down to the water “below”, if we may use this term, and these water structures and the resulting voltage gradients then ultimately is what guides the cell growth to fit the initial pattern that was desired. 

This concludes the description of how to connect the observations of Michael Levin with the understanding of the energy bodies which each incarnated light soul contains. There is obviously infinitely more that could be said on the topic, but for now we feel it is enough to demonstrate the idea.

Archangel Metatron

To conclude, the experiments and observations that Michael presented are not only important for the understanding of how these non-material energy bodies have a direct impact on the material body, and in doing so provide the non-local pattern which otherwise has no explanation, but they also finally allow for an understanding of how the structured water discoveries by Professor Pollack fits in by mediating between these two levels.

The Purpose of Alchemy

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As promised in the first post on this blog we would use this as an opportunity to write about short topics that do not on their own warrant their own books, or fit within any of our other writings. This first post in this series we hope will be an interesting starting point, and we will use some of the ideas developed here in later posts as well.

But before we get into the main topic of the purpose of alchemy, there is some housekeeping that needs tending to. Much of our public work here is available as what you would typically call “channeled material”. Some of it is in collaboration with the angelic realm, in particular Archangel Metatron and the Creator Sources, Ea and Rhea. But we also work with many more archangels whose voices are not necessarily reflected here, as well as a few seraphs, and other beings such as Drago (who is introduced in Guinevere’s memoirs).

We communicate with them directly using various techniques, some of which are covered in the book “The Expansion of Your Guardian Angel“. There is nothing special about our ability to do this, and we are sure most people would be able to if they tried. At the end of the day it mostly comes down to technique, practice, and understanding that this is something that is possible in the first place.

We are also fortunate to be able to have full conscious contact with our monadic presence, that is, the collection of past versions of our higher selves, named Blue and Bell respectively. The colloquial term for this would be “past lives”, but we try to limit the use of this phrase since it implies that we are those previous versions, in some way. They are dead, but not gone. We have our unique personalities and points of view, even though there is substantial overlap. Different parts of a fractal, in a sense.

So a more accurate way of looking at it is to think of our past versions and ourselves as leaves on the same branch. Similar, but not the same, and yet intimately connected. Another analogy is to think of us as facets on a crystal. Connected by the same source, but presenting a distinct part of that whole. As we are able to communicate with the ones we have been able to identify, the collaborative works we publish are just that: allowing the voices of our other versions to be heard through us. This article is an example of this, as you will see when we get to the meat of it.

It is probably useful to understand that most of the popular channeled material today are examples of this, even if it is not explicitly stated. Commonly because the channeler’s themselves don’t understand exactly and precisely who or what it is they are talking to. Of the ones that are of high quality that I myself would consider legitimate, and not deception by beings who use such methods, the vast majority of them are with past versions of the channeler.

Once you understand this, that the source of the material is about as close to the channeler as is possible, you can also realize that this is something that everyone has access to. Not everyone will have past versions of themselves with extensive experience or understanding of all sorts of things, but we all share the fact that we have a monadic presence with past versions of ourselves who would be happy to work with you, if only you allowed them to.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the topic at hand. As alluded to in the description of our Chronicles of Blue Bell one past version of Blue was Pythagoras of Greece. He is famous for many things, but we will here focus in particular on the purpose of alchemy, which he and Hermes (a past version of Archangel Metatron) constructed together in order to solve a particular problem.

The particular problem was the following: how do you create a mechanism that can send forward in time information about how to rebuild the Trident, or the Holy Grail as it is also known, without having this information destroyed, and without anyone being able to use it without proper authorization?

At one point not so long ago I asked Pythagoras about this fascinating problem, and here is what he had to say:

I am Pythagoras, the source of alchemy, the hidden mystery, which is not hidden at all. 

In my time we had a great need of promulgating certain knowings, certain insights, for a future time that was yet to be. Because of this we thought for a long time about how to accomplish this in such a way that only those with eyes to see could see what needed to be seen. It was decided between myself and my brother Hermes, that we would create a corpus of texts, whose words could be seen on many levels, but be hidden yet for those whom it was not meant for. 

We decided to call this system of thought alchemy. The word originates from al khemet, yes, from Egypt, this is true. But there is, as always, other meanings as well. From Egypt comes many things, some of the common world, and some others not so much. The understandings gained in that location were to be imbued into this work, and so the true understanding is that Egypt at the time was also Atlantis at the time. The continuing project whom we have all been working on for so long. It was the point of geography, this is true, but it was also the focal point of the Atlantean project at the time. So while Egypt is the name, the meaning is many. 

The intent of this project, as described already, was to make sure that certain knowings were passed on through time. Hidden in plain sight. Those who held the key, the key of Hermes, of Thoth, would know how to see the symbols, the texts, the words, in a certain light. Those without this key would not be able to decipher accurately the meaning and intent behind the words. And so the secret was safe, locked behind an invisible wall, protected with an invisible key. 

Our enemy is clever, and sees much, but that which is invisible to the many, is invisible also to them. This was the knowing which guided our grand design. Myself and Hermes, Thoth, now Metatron, devised a way in which to not only hide the truth in plain sight, but also to divide it such that even if one piece was decoded, nothing could be done. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean king, was to provide the overall structure under which everything else was to be placed. Alchemy, a science of transformation, of changing one thing to the other, of replenishing the glory of Atlantis, was another. The third piece, that of the construction of the dwelling of the philosopher’s stone, the trident of old, the ankh of antiquity, and the grail of modern, from your perspective, times. This was the last piece that we would construct, all in different times, all in different locations. 

These pieces would then converge in time and space onto a singular point, the point at which everything would come together as one, the trinity of secrets, to form the ultimate solution, to restoring sovereignty onto this world. This was our task, this was our mission, and it was a concerted effort not only from within the family of light, but also of others not of this world, obviously. Our dearest parents, the Creators of all that is, were always kind and helpful, although because of their position a certain perception of non intervention was needed. We understand this, as well. We are all their children, light and dark, and no preference can be made, or the balance of everything dissolves forever.

So, all of this being said, this was the origin and intent of our deception, and the means through which we accomplished this monumental task. It must be said that while a few knew the whole picture, many contributed in part to this grand scheme, and for this we are eternally grateful. We are all a family, light and dark, and came together against this plague from the abyss, as needed, when needed. 

Now we are all free. Free to prosper. Free to fail. Free to make the future what we will of it. It is so. It is good. I can rest now.

And so, here it is. The purpose of alchemy, in plain words.

I will attempt to elaborate on the idea. In order to allow the instructions of how to recreate the Trident (the “portal device” as Merlin calls it) to be slingshot into the future it was divided first into three parts. The Emerald Tablets held the operating manual. Alchemy held the material list to be used. And finally the Vegvisir which Jon Arason created in Iceland provided the structural blueprint for how to build it. If you look at our website logo for a few minutes we have left some hints to this effect. You’re welcome. The Vegvisir has the number “27” in the secret document, and this is for good reason. 27 is the cube of 3, and numerologically it is the square of 3. Something which is both a square and a cube. A blueprint. I still smh thinking about how it appears noone figured that one out. Oh well. Hidden in plain sight seems to have worked just fine.

In any case, even if someone were to figure it out it would still be close to impossible to actually convert it into a working Trident. For me, as you will find out in our last memoir “Project Pathfinder”, the symbol was mainly used as a memory trigger, which allowed me to translate it to a 3D model that could then be constructed. I had plenty of help from Metatron as well, of course, in figuring out how to translate it. Extensive use of time loops when I messed up also helped the project substantially. But that’s a different story for another time. No pun intended.

Even so, the Vegvisir only provides the structural blueprint of the Trident. You would not from just that part be able to tell what materials to use. This is where alchemy comes in. You see, with these three parts of the information thrust forward in time there is a particular pattern used which allowed it to survive, and it is as follows. Each part would be designed in three layers: the exoteric, the mesoteric, and the esoteric.

The exoteric layer, for the public, is generally constructed such that it avoids destruction of the part. In this case alchemy was portrayed as being about chemistry, trying to “turn lead into gold”. To the masses this would seem ridiculous and stupid, so they would ignore it. To the kings and princes this would seem alluring and desirable, so they would allow it.

The mesoteric layer, for the supposedly initiated, instead claimed that alchemy was an allegory, meant to be used for spiritual advancement and understanding. This allowed alchemy to be protected and actively promoted by such pseudo-initiates, in a way that would make certain that the material survived through time. This would also ensure that plenty volumes would be written to increase the size of the haystack in which one would have to look to find the actual gold of alchemy. Looking at the vast material on alchemy available today this strategy was incredibly successful.

The esoteric layer, for those who were the actual intended users of the information, contains the materials list to be used when constructing the Trident. This is the heart of the purpose of alchemy, and I am happy to say that this too worked brilliantly. Of all the thousands of books on alchemy the needle is contained on two pages in one book. For me it was the first two pages in the first book I pulled out of my extensive library, because I had a pretty good idea where to look. Call it intuition. Call it “if I would hide it for me to find, where would I put it?” For others this would be impossible to find, and even if they did, without the other two parts of the material it would be quite useless.

Genius, dear Pythagoras. Genius.

So there you have it. The instructions for how to build and operate the Trident (aka “The Holy Grail”), split into three parts, each split into three layers. Traveling through time and then coming together in 2019 for the final crescendo, what we called “Project Pathfinder”. The removal of the plague from the abyss, the parasites, the thieves, the reptilians, the lizzies, the Dark T-Shirts, the flyers. Call them what you want. They were here. Now they’re not. Good riddance.

Announcing the Nature of Consciousness Series

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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of our new book series, the “Nature of Consciousness Series“. These books were written in collaboration with Archangel Metatron and the Creator Sources, Ea and Rhea. They aim to provide an overview and explanation for the why, the what, and the how of consciousness and existence.

The first book, Overview of Reality, provides brief introductions to the topics to be covered in the series. These range from the beginning’s of reality, the purpose and design of souls, the many archetypal variations of personalities and motivations of same, to the nature of dimensions, time, and perception. These topics are then covered in greater detail in each of the subsequent books in the series.

This is the first edition of this series, and the purpose behind its creation is to provide a fresh start with regard to the understanding humanity has of how reality works, and how to relate to it. Many of the topics aim to adjust the mental models and belief structures that we all share when perceiving the world around us, and how we understand each other. These books are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather as a starting point for further investigation by the inquisitive mind. One of the books cover in detail the relationship between each of us and our respective guardian angels, and how to nurture communication with same. This, we hope, will provide a straightforward and useful avenue to continue your own personal adventures into the rabbit holes we are showing that way to.

The books are available now at your favourite ebook stores, and we suggest using the links provided on our website to your own preferred vendor.

The Chronicles of Blue Bell

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What if there is a story that transcends all of human history?

Let's call this foreshadowing

We are happy to announce our series of books named “The Chronicles of Blue Bell“. These are memoirs from our past lives, concluding with our own story in the now (2019). You will probably be familiar with all the names of our past selves, and the Trident/Ankh/Grail/Wayfinder Compass technology we have been working with. The story we are going to tell through this series will be new, as it has been kept secret through the millennia. Enjoy!

The books will be written as memoirs of our past lives, and published out of sequence. Once the series is complete we will rearrange them into a suggested reading order.

Here is the full list of memoirs to be included in the series:

  1. Le’Asdhur and Le’Inthar of Arcturus, Human DNA Blueprint Project
  2. Poseidon of Lyra and Dhureena of Andromeda, Operators of the Trident, Atlantis
  3. Horus and Hathor, Custodians of Ankh Technology, Egypt
  4. Pythagoras and Theano, Creation of Alchemy, Greece
  5. Arthur Pendragon and Lady Guinevere, The Grail Quest, Camelot
  6. Jón Arason and Helga Sigurðardóttir, Designing the Vegvisir Blueprint (“Wayfinder Compass”), Iceland
  7. Miyamoto Mikinosuke and Honda TadatokiThe Clock of Ieyasu, Japan
  8. Current incarnations of Blue and Bell (i.e. us), Project Pathfinder

There are many more previous versions of Blue Bell that we can draw on. These include Robin and Marion, Ferdinand and Isabella, George and Louis, Felix and Irina, and so on. The above represent a selection of memoirs which together will hopefully present a good overview. Not only our own story through time, but that of humanity as a whole as well, the struggles and victories we all share on some level, and our destiny as a planet. In the future we might expand the series, depending on demand and reception.

Be sure to follow our Amazon Author page to get notifications when we publish the books in this series, or any other books. There are plenty of surprises coming in the not too distant future.

Hello world!

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Welcome to the author website for Blue Bell. We will be using this to present our books, both those written by us and other collaborative works. For now this will serve as a source of information about the books and who we are. In the future we hope to share shorter writings and articles that we feel might be useful to others, but do not necessarily need to be published as books.

If you have feedback to us on any of our writings, please use the Contact form below.

We look forward to sharing this journey with all of you, in one way or the other!