About us

We wish to submit right from the beginning that our real life identities are not important, as we see our primary functions in this context as scribes, conduits, and messengers. In part for the angelic realm, in part for our higher selves as Blue and Bell with all the previous versions of same which we present to you as one, and last but not least our own sovereign minds.

We are acutely aware of the trappings of personality and fame, and so therefore wish to minimize such problems by using a persona which is our own and yet not. In so doing we hope to put the focus on the message and not the messenger.

Ultimately it is the discernment of our readers in recognizing the eternal, universal, and indivisible Truth that matters. As you progress down this rabbit hole with us, we are of the same mind. Let us find the secrets of reality together and learn how to apply them in our own lives. One turned stone at a time.

All material is fiction, unless otherwise stated.

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