A metaphysical understanding of soul age

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You have probably heard the following saying: “oh, that person is an old soul”. So far we have mainly touched upon the primary design archetype of light versus dark, in terms of how a soul has been pulled from the source of its energy. It is therefore now relevant to discuss the progression a soul makes from inception to its final form.

Below you will find an outline from Archangel Metatron on what this entails, and we will then try to contextualize this with regard to our current situation on Earth, and how the various stages project their ways of being in our society.

We now turn our attention to a topic which has rarely been touched upon by other writers, in part because the notion we will be dealing with here is quite difficult to understand from your perspective, and there are plenty of surrounding deceptions around the overall topic of souls. 

What we shall be delving into here is the sense of soul age, or soul progression. Meaning, from the moment a soul is born up until it graduates into the two final forms. This progression follows a fairly predetermined path, and yet within those confines there are plenty of variation to be found, both in terms of how a soul was created to begin with, as well as the choices and options available along the road.

By understanding this context it will give you yourself a better sense of where you are, what lessons you are currently supposed to be exploring, and what comes next. By providing this guideline we hope that your progression will be smoother and executed with an open mind towards where you want to eventually end up.

As we have already described souls are created with a certain proclivity towards either of the polarities, the light and the dark paths, as well as the other two primary soul dimensions of chaos/order and masculine/feminine. These dimensions provide a static snapshot of the forces within you pulling this way or the other. 

But we shall now add to this mix the notion of soul age, which adds an additional dimension which needs to be taken into consideration when either looking at yourself or those around you, to understand who they are, where they are, and when they are on their journey.

The first step of any soul is to be created out of the infinite sea of intelligent energy, by one of the creators of souls. This includes the Creator Sources themselves, as well as the twenty and four seraphs. The distribution is fairly even, and so souls created by the Creators only amount to about 3% of all created souls, with the rest being accounted for by the seraphs who are in charge of their respective domain and dominant aspects.

After a soul has been created it first remains within the nursing chamber for a while, where it is studied for viability and it gets to see its own personality in relation to the other souls of the same batch. Abilities, likes and dislikes are assessed, after which the soul is assigned to one part of the universe or the other. This process repeats for every universe, and for each multiverse, and ultimately, for each unique Creation which exists in reality as a whole. 

After this initial incubation period the soul begins to incarnate into the world in progressively more complex forms. First as matter, then as complex matter, then as plants and animals, and finally as some kind of complex lifeforms, such as the humanoid vessels you have available to you on your planet. 

After sufficient experience has been obtained the soul gets to choose its final form, either as a demon or an angel, residing in the eighth and tenth density respectively. From there the soul can continue to interact with reality through indirect means, and continue to absorb experience and learn lessons, even though it is no longer needed to incarnate individually.

What we would like to focus on in this writing is the step which you are now experiencing, meaning the step of incarnating as humanoid lifeforms, where the most complex lessons are learned. We would suggest that it is useful to break down this phase into the same life stages as a humanoid goes through, for allegorical purposes.

The first stage of a soul incarnating as a humanoid life form is that of a toddler. This happens immediately after the stage of having existed as animals in various incarnations, which can include any form you have on your planet plus many more other types available on other planets. 

Therefore, the first phase is all about getting your bearings within this type of being. It is the first step of learning what you can do, who you are, and what you like and dislike, in various elements of life. However, as a toddler soul incarnating as a human there would be little interest in what you might refer to as politics, ideology, or philosophy. That comes much later. Having a simple life, performing simple tasks that bring experience and learning, is sufficient for the toddler.

The next step is to begin learning what it means to live among others such as yourself, and how to relate to them and asses who they are in relation to you. This stage, the child stage, is signified by the soul attempting to asses other people through their external representation. Age, skin color, race, wealth, gender, and so on, all become the ways in which a child thinks of other people, and how to understand who they are and what they want. I think it is safe to say that it is fairly straightforward to see how these needs to understand the world expresses themselves in your society, as a simplistic but still useful way to navigate life. It is a low resolution approach, but still better than the toddler who has no way of distinguishing one from the other in any meaningful way.

The next stage after this is the adolescent stage. At this point the soul has learned that while there is some utility in gauging other-selves by external means it is too low resolution to be meaningful when dealing with single individuals, and so another approach is taken. Instead of looking at external factors of a human there is instead the notion of understanding what someone else thinks, as a way to judge the character of the other. 

Religion, philosophy, political affiliations, or other belief systems, become the primary way in which the adolescent thinks about whether to trust others or not, and how to relate to them. Others are seen as being essentially the same as you, but having chosen different ways of believing things about the world, and filtering out what is true or not. 

This is a huge improvement from the child stage, but is still fraught with problems as the belief systems of others still don’t reflect the true nature of an individual, which is projected in essence from the soul archetype along with the primary dimensions of personality as we outlined at the top.

We then come to the adult stage, where again the soul recognizes that simply judging someone else based on their belief systems and mental models become insufficient. The adult is starting to recognize its own choices and being, whether it is of the light or dark, and where it stands along the dimensions of chaos/order and masculine/feminine. 

As it realizes this about itself it also recognizes that the same applies to other souls who are walking around in vessels just as it is. The futility of relying on external characteristics is acknowledged, the futility of relying on mental models and political affiliations is also acknowledged, and now the souls begins to judge others by their core character, by their true nature, of which all else is merely a projection. 

Towards the end of this stage it is not only realized that this is the most reliable way of judging other people, but that there are other souls sharing society with it that have not yet come to this stage of understanding, and so there is utility in dealing with them on their own terms, where they are on their own progression, and with the insight of the adult mind to see what is and what is not true.

At this point there is also significant difference between how those on the path of light and path of dark relate to others not yet in the adult stage. For example, an adult soul on the path of dark may explicitly make use of deception to emphasize to child souls the differences between various external characteristics, such as skin color or gender, as it knows this is a powerful way to sway the opinion and allegiance of children who have this viewpoint to begin with.

With the above as context for how to think about soul ages I hope you can begin to see phenomenon around you, when it comes to social dynamics, that play themselves out in accordance with soul ages, the various soul archetypes and personality dimensions, and how these intersect and interact. This is an incredibly powerful and useful insight, a lens which we suggest you adopt no matter where you are on the spectrums, in order to better understand the world around you, and why it behaves the way it does.

After the adult stage there is one final stage before ascending to either become an angel or demon, which is the elder soul stage. We will leave this out for now, as the above is more than enough to be processed by most people living here. Our books go into more detail on all this, and so we suggest the interested reader who wishes to understand this better to look into those.

Archangel Metatron

With the above as context and a useful lens through which to view social dynamics, let’s look at some of the resulting consequences.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, point to make is that soul age is much more important as a factor with regard to how someone thinks and behaves compared to biological age. An adult biological child will often be more mature in thinking than a toddler biological elder. This is where the expression of “someone being an old soul” in a sense comes from, but the above explanation provides a richer understanding of what is actually going on.

Secondly, when looking at macrosocial dynamics, such as ideologies, political affiliations, and religions, it also becomes easier to see where the drive to follow one or the other comes from. It is safe to say that a majority of souls on the planet at the current moment are going through childhood, moving into adolescence some day, and so the obsession with external characteristics such as skin color, gender, and wealth is in a sense natural. It is the lens which the child soul has been able to adopt in order to make sense of the world, and for some simplistic purposes it fulfills that need.

Third, it is also important to stress the point that since all souls currently living on this planet are at different stages it becomes useful to understand the interaction between souls of different levels of progression as well as the primary soul personality dimension of light and dark. Adult souls of either light and dark will make use of the fact that they understand themselves and others better, and can use this to their advantage, either way. For adult souls of the dark persuasion creating ideologies that focus on external characteristics become an easy path to gather followers. For adult souls of the light persuasion it becomes a tool to assist younger souls to overcome their current lens for the purpose of growing up and becoming adolescent, at the very least.

As the planet is currently still reeling from the aftereffects of the reptilian rule, since the fall of Atlantis, it is safe to assume that most current ideologies, whether political, religious, or philosophical, are heavily influenced by this. The goal for someone like us, then, is to initially simply point this out so that others can see it, and later on start thinking about what a way of being that is more aligned with the path of light might look like, taking into consideration that we will all for the remainder of this planet’s lifetime be in a mixed polarity environment. We will all have to learn to not only deal with our own self and sensibilities, but also recognize and adjust to the particularities of others who are on the other side of the spectrums, with regard to light/dark, masculine/feminine, as well as chaos/order.