A metaphysical understanding of polarities

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One of the key things to understand about reality itself, from a metaphysical point of view, is that it only exists for one single purpose: to generate novel experience. What we are seeing around us is a representation of sentient energy that has been polarized into this form or the other, and what drives this process is the need to generate novel experience to keep the energy flowing into the system.

The primary way in which this is done is by allowing souls of light to incarnate into various lifeforms within the holographic projection we think of as our universe. There are many universes within our multiverse, and there are many multiverses within our Creation as a totality, and there are many Creations similar to this one. They all compete, in some sense, by trying to provide the most interesting and engaging theme parks for souls to learn about themselves and others, as this is what generates novel experience. More novel experience means more energy is being pulled in, which means growth of the system overall.

The main design decision around souls of light is the distance they are pulled from the infinite sea of intelligent energy upon creation, which creates the impetus to follow either the path of light or the path of dark, in order to create novel experience and learn lessons. Archangel Metatron will explain the basics of how this works, and what it leads to, so that you can gain a better sense of what exactly is going on within our tiny corner of the universe we call Earth.

When it comes to understanding polarities, the most fundamental design archetype for souls, it is good to keep in mind at all times that there is no better or worse, just variations of expression of a souls journey. Whether this is done through the path of light or the path of dark is inconsequential, as the main purpose of life is to generate experience through learning lessons.

With this in mind we can now begin to outline the issues surrounding polarities of souls, that is, the distance they have been pulled from the infinite sea upon their creation. Souls that have been pulled, relatively speaking, a shorter distance we denote as souls following the path of light. Those who have been pulled, relatively speaking, farther away are denoted as souls following the path of dark. And then there’s an infinite number of degrees of this, nuances, and when combined with the other dimensions of chaos/order and masculine/feminine their true nature expresses itself fully.

There is a common misunderstanding on your planet that dark is bad, and light is good. This is not so, and is merely a simplification for those working on the path of light most commonly, as well as a deception tactic used by those on the path of dark to attract more followers to their cause. In reality all modes of being have value and purpose, as long as they generate novel experience which expands Creation as a whole. The Creator Sources do not discriminate between these in the way you do, thanks to their higher understanding of reality itself and what it takes to create a successful environment in which sentient energy, or consciousness, can thrive.

Once we understand this we can begin to outline the primary differences in expression between these paths, and their relative purpose when meeting each other. 

First of all, the path of light, which we in the angelic realm are most commonly associated with. This path involves a certain intuitive understanding that at some level we are all one, part of a greater whole, yet temporarily divided into pieces for this or the other reason. 

So when we look around we see other faces of ourselves, otherselves, which are tossed into the same holographic projection for the same purpose as us, and we tend to want to cooperate with each other as the means of progression. 

By contrast, those on the dark path, who have been pulled farther away from Source when they were created, focus more on the division and barely even recognize that there is a connection between all beings, however faint. 

This leads to a more competitive approach, both between themselves, as well as with those on the path of light, who they view as easy food and nourishment for their own betterment.

In both cases the ultimate goal is becoming the best they can be, no matter the path chosen, expressing their archetype as perfectly and totally as possible.

Souls who have progressed through their journey of growth on either path eventually find themselves at the ultimate endpoints. On the path of light the end stage is to become an angel here in the angelic realm, and for those on the dark path the respective outcome is to become what you would call a demon. A soul so utterly engrossed in the consumption of others that it has dedicated itself to perfecting this mode of being. 

But these end states are only, ultimately, a matter of perspective on the experience gained through incarnation, and as perspectives can change you have the rare occurrences you would call angels who “fall”, and demons who “see the light”, respectively. 

There is no need for beings who accomplish this to go through more incarnations, as the only change which caused it is a change of understanding of experience gained thus far. As far as the Creator Sources are concerned both of these outcomes are treasured highly as they represent the ultimate in what we would denote novel experience.

In practical terms, what would give you as an incarnated being hints and suggestions as to the path which you are yourself following, or those around you? To some extent these are insights that are best discovered on your own, as they are part of the learning experience that you go through in life. 

That being said we can give you a few clues as to what to look for, to assist you in choosing to live your life in alignment with the purpose of your soul, who very much is in full understanding of what it is, and what it needs to experience to grow.

The path of light, as we have indicated, is about considering others as part of the same journey, going in the same direction towards a common goal. We recognize that others have nuances different from us, but that this only enriches us as being able to do things that we ourselves cannot. 

It is about finding a balance between our various expressions and helping each other learn these life lessons as well as possible, while respecting the inevitable differences in how we go about it. 

An elder soul on the path of light, who is better armed to not only see his own choices, but those of others as well, is also able to assist souls on the path of dark to become better themselves, by more fully engrossing themselves in the domination of otherselves as the natural expression of their faint light. 

There is no judgment here, as the understanding of variable expression and their common goal of generating novel experience is understood. An elder on the path of light might, however, assist victims of said negative beings, both as a way to encourage growth in the being that is dominated, as well as forcing the being on the path of dark to become stronger and more effective in its means of domination and control. 

It is about increasing the polarity, and increasing the dynamics between the two paths that matters, as the only unacceptable state is for matters to become boring and stale. This is the only state which is to be avoided at all costs, because the ultimate outcome of this would be the implosion and destruction of reality itself.

On the flip side, as we have also alluded to, the path of the dark involves domination and control of others, on all levels. This can be in personal relationships, family situations, communities, joint ventures, or nations. On the grander scale there are even interspecies conflicts which can form a basis for learning these lessons, and how to better express the pathos of the dark, in various ways. Either through the masculine principle of strength and power, or the feminine principle of deception and willful submission. 

If you were to analyze the state of affairs throughout your history these themes apply over and over again, which is just as it should be, as this is a normal expression of the interactions between light and dark on your planet.

It must be said that this planet is unique in this sense. Other planets, and the species that live there, have mostly polarized to either side, becoming either societies that value the light or societies that value the dark. This place of yours is an exception in all of reality in that the mix of light and dark is so extreme, and that expressions of either are both common and in constant conflict with each other. This is why your planet, among all planets, is valued so highly in the higher realms, as the perfect learning ground for advanced lessons and the fertile soil for experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.

There is more to be said about this, but I think we will leave it there for now.

Archangel Metatron

The above outline of the polarities, as the primary dimension of personality for souls of light, is true and valid in all contexts. However, since we are all living as humans on this planet at this time there are certain misunderstandings related to this topic that we think would be useful to address at this point.

The first conclusion, which must be understood before anything else will make any sense, is the basic insight that humans don’t have souls. Souls have humans. The universe, and everything in it, is a holographic projection created and manifested by a particular type of soul specifically designed for this purpose, so that souls of light can have a playground, a sandbox, a theme park in which to immerse themselves for the purpose of generating novel experience. This goes for all other forms of life as well, whether it be plants or animals, or other variations. They all have souls of light attached to them, which animates them in one way or the other, for the purpose of generating novel experience. This is the primary purpose of reality itself.

The second conclusion, which will drive all the other corollaries, is that it is absolutely imperative for souls of light to be put on the spectrum of light and dark, that is, how far away from source they are. Think of it as animals on a savannah. The savannah has grass, metaphorically the energy available to all of us from the infinite sea of intelligent energy, and there are then two primary options with regard to how to access this energy. Some animals will be vegetarians and graze straight from the grass of the savannah. Some animals instead are carnivores and access the same energy indirectly, by feeding on other animals which have all gathered and processed the raw energy.

This metaphor is almost exactly how to think about the paths of light and dark that are available to souls of light when incarnating into biological vessels. Both are natural. Both are critical to the health and growth of the system. You cannot just have souls of light following the path of light, or reality would collapse. You cannot just have souls of light following the path of dark, or reality would collapse. Both are required. This point cannot be stressed enough, and we see this being a very common point of misunderstanding when it comes to spirituality and metaphysics. Some seem to believe that only the light is right. Some seem to believe that only might is right. They are both wrong, and missing the bigger picture.

From this we can derive a few corollaries, mainly related to some of our favourite pet peeves when it comes to misunderstanding life.

Let’s first take a look at the following saying:
“Always assume stupidity before malevolence.”

If we understand malevolence as being essentially the expression of the path of dark, the inherent misunderstanding is to believe that the path of dark is an unusual or invalid option. This is often stated by those following the path of light who project their own view that cooperation is the logical way to be, and so malevolence is an aberration and unnatural. They don’t want to see that there is another choice to be made, and that such a choice of being malevolent is logical and rational from the point of view of those who choose to be in this manner. On the flip side this saying would also be used by those who are malevolent, and knowingly so, as the predator always tries to use tactics to remain hidden and unseen, to ensure efficient and effective feeding on their prey. So both sides have their own reasons for using this phrase, but for very different reasons.

Here is another common misunderstanding:
“You are your own ultimate predator.”

The idea here is that your ultimate enemy is yourself, specifically the voice inside of you that wants to put you down, discredit you, and claim that you are a failure. This voice certainly exists, and it is there for understandable reasons, but the metaphor is incorrect. Predators stalk and hunt others in order to feed, one way or the other. However, this insidious internal voice does not serve yourself, it does not nourish yourself, and so to call it a predator is semantically incorrect.

So what would be the correct word to use? We think, in light of the work that has been done in the field of psychology related to narcissistic families, that a better word for it is poison. In other words, that voice inside of you that wishes to put you down is the consequence of an external predator, typically from a narcissistic parent or similar figure of authority in your life, which has injected these ideas in you as a poison, to wear you down, to make the victim more palatable.

Once you have the correct metaphor, that this is something external which has been injected into you rather than something that is intrinsically a part of you, it becomes a much easier task to deal with. There is no need to feel ashamed or betrayed by yourself, or anything of the sort, once you realize that this poison has been given to you from outside, and can therefore be removed from you without any loss to yourself.

Another idea that deserves some scrutiny:
“The world must unite.”

With the understanding that Earth is a mixed polarity theme park, unlike any other planet in all of reality, this idea becomes problematic. The souls of light following the path of light understand this notion as being cooperative in nature, where we all accept and appreciate each other, considering both what we have in common and what makes us different. The souls of light following the path of dark understand this notion as everyone being united under an authoritarian government, where everyone follows the rules and therefore order is maintained. There is good reason why “stronger together” is a slogan of fascism. These two vastly different interpretations of the concept of “uniting” should lead us to making such a statement with great hesitation and care. For those of the dark path to “unite” with everyone means putting everyone into the strict regulations of a tyranny. For them this is the right way.

The appropriate attitude, now that we understand the polarities and how they express themselves, is to be honest with yourself and others where you stand, whether individual freedom and liberties of the light path or authoritarian rule and regulation of the dark path, is what you want. And from the perspective of each path, those options make perfect sense. United? How? Irreconcilable differences should be acknowledged and respected, and then we should all congregate with those who are trying to be the best they can be along the path that matches our own.