A metaphysical understanding of perspective

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In the previous two articles on polarities and soul age we covered some of the primary personality dimensions of souls. Below Archangel Metatron will now cover how these influence yourself and others around you in terms of how you perceive reality, those around you, and how to better understand differences in lenses and mental models that different people adopt.

Now that we have covered some of the basics of how reality works, and what makes everything tick, so to speak, we wish to tie everything together in a way that provides perspective on all that we have stated thus far.

This word, perspective, is in a sense key to understand all of this. You must realize that while what we have described in this series of articles is an example outline of All That Is and its function, it is also but one perspective of how to see it, and how to describe it. It is filtered through my own experiences and understandings. While my own perspective is somewhat comprehensive, thanks to the position I have managed to acquire, it is still just a perspective.

With this I wish to say that there is never just one way of defining things, of seeing things, of valuing things. There will always be more than one way of looking at the world, and understanding how it works. 

Given the understandings that we have outlined thus far I think you can tell for yourself that this is the case, and that everyone would have at the very least slight differences in how they see these issues, how these words are interpreted, and what lessons are being extracted from these writings. 

In some cases the differences will be substantial, if the existing framework which you currently have to understand the world is vastly different from what is being said here. And so, there is never just one way to look at it, never just one way of perceiving it, and this goes for both things related to the metaphysical understandings of reality, as we are describing here, as well as with matters closer to your normal everyday life.

Because these understandings and perspectives are always delivered through the filter of the source, and then again filtered through the filter of the reader or receiver, there will at all times be a multitude of various ways of looking at things, and actions that are then taken based on these received understandings. 

Getting just two people to agree in full upon the finer details of what we have said here will be close to impossible, as although the words used may be the same, the understanding and perspective behind the words will at all times be different, sometimes substantially so. 

The dimensions of personality which we have discussed in relation to the souls themselves, as well as the soul age that provides additional unique difficulties when comparing notes on what constitutes reality, all of these issues combine to ensure that no two views are ever quite the same.

This is why it is always also good to keep in mind that discernment is required. For one, some souls use deception and misinformation as a key tool in gaining an upper hand over others, and this needs to be understood and accepted as fact. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, even if two beings who communicate with one another on these topics are both sincere and honest, there is still plenty room for misunderstandings and disagreements, over both little and large differences of opinion, due to the differences of perspective that are inherently at play.

Going forward we would therefore suggest that while it is always useful to keep in mind the issues we have described in this series of articles when viewing the world, and the actions and words of people living in it, at all times should you also be careful to be aware of your own filters and biases, and where they come from, and whether or not they are useful for helping you perform your function within this world optimally. 

For some, on the dark path, it is even more complex as oftentimes the inner understanding is rarely shared in full honesty with others. For others, on the light path, there is also issues with not acknowledging ones own failures of understanding and willy nilly believing that others are as open and sincere as oneself. 

Both of these paths offer unique challenges to be overcome, and from our perspective here in the angelic realm they are both worthy of exploration and commitment. We merely wish that individual souls try to be sincere and committed to whatever path they have chosen, and play the game as fully as possible, knowing who you are, and where you stand. There is no right or wrong in these things, but confusion of position should be avoided. Neither the light nor the dark benefits from confusion. We agree on this, at the very least.

Archangel Metatron

At this point I think the most useful way to tie all of this together, to put these metaphysical insights and understandings into a practical context, is to relate the above and the previous related articles on polarities and soul age with the current conflict in the world, as of March 2022. Without practical application these understandings are useless.

In any conflict the first advantage is to know yourself. And so to know yourself, you need to figure out where you are, as a soul, on the spectrum of the primary personality dimensions. Light and dark, chaos and order, masculine and feminine. Once you have determined this, then at least you will have a sense of why your opinions and feelings are the way they are, and how they differ from others. What is your line in the sand, as compared to those of others around you.

An important aspect of knowing yourself is also to realize that you are never truly your own enemy. As we have previously described, in the case that you have (for example) been subjected to narcissistic abuse it is possible to have a negative introject, a critical internal voice that keeps you down. That is not you as an enemy. That is an injected poison that can and should be transmuted and released. This is a very important distinction.

The second advantage in conflict is to know your enemy. But in order to know your enemy you must first understand your enemy. And in order to understand your enemy you must first respect your enemy.

This is the fatal mistake we see made by most people who are discussing what is going on in the world currently, and I suspect, going forward. They use phrases such as “they are so stupid”, or “that’s insane”, or “what are they thinking!?”. This kind of language makes it almost impossible to respect your enemy, which makes it impossible to understand your enemy, and therefore impossible to know your enemy, and so therefore any battle you will lose. Always. Predictably.

What is the proper attitude to adopt instead? We would suggest that a simple change of language is a good start. Instead of saying “that’s insane!” or “wow, they are so stupid” it is to your advantage to say and think: “hm, they are very clever, I wonder what they are trying to achieve with this?”

The assumption should always be that whatever your enemy is doing, from their perspective there is a logic to it, and so your job is to figure out what that logic is, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

For example, let’s say that you are on the path of light. The way this typically projects into human behavior and political leaning is by way of preferring freedom, liberty, and healthy competition and cooperation. When you see someone promoting authoritarian ideas and compliance this is then not “stupid” or “insane” or “ignorant”, it is merely the way that the path of dark projects itself into the human approach to society. From that perspective it is perfectly logical, and any tactics used that promotes this, including deception and misinformation, is the correct way to implement it.

Once you are able to see the conflict from this perspective, then you are able to respect your enemy while disagreeing. Only then can you understand your enemy, and their tactics. Only then can you know your enemy, which ultimately leads to at least the possibility of winning.

This is application of polarity, perspective, and discernment. Layered on top of this is the influence that soul ages of various people. For example, some believe that the conflict is between people of different ethnicities, races, genders, or nations. This is the perspective of a child, in terms of soul age. Others believe that the conflict is about culture, philosophical ideas, and political ideologies. This is the perspective of adolescents, in terms of soul age.

In reality all conflicts ultimately are the expressions of these various soul personality dimensions, with the added complexity of soul age on top of it, that play out in society at different times. This is the perspective of an adult soul.

But what you see about conflicts on the news is the metaphorical shadow in the cave. It is not the true cause or reason for the conflict. The true reason is as outlined above, which is what the adult souls know very well. Once you understand the actual cause of the conflict you can start to understand the reasonings and motivations of each party involved, and from there you can begin to construct tactics and strategies that take this into account. If you do not do this, there is no chance of winning.

So the white pill, to borrow a popular term, is that really all it takes for things to improve is a change of perspective. If enough parties involved in this conflict were to realize what is actually going on, and how to approach the conflict, it would change the dynamics dramatically.

Of course, the above has implications beyond just the current conflicts that are happening at the time of writing in 2022. Another relevant question might be whether it is wise to elect children as leaders. Whether it makes sense to insist that a country is following a pattern only suitable to one combination of soul personality dimensions, or whether it is more sensible to allow parts to be more leaning one way or the other, with at least some degree of acceptance and tolerance between them. And so on.

But those are questions for further down the road. At the current moment the primary issue is the lack of perspective and ability to see the conflicts for what they truly are. If that doesn’t change then there is very little chance of a positive resolution.

The most practical place to start with all this is to look at leaders and public figures around the world, and see if you can discern, from your own perspective, where they stand on these primary personality dimensions. Once you are able to see the underlying cause of their words and actions, it becomes easier to see the logic and rationale behind it all, even if it completely disagrees with your own point of view.

This exercise is also one of the most powerful ways to grow your own soul, by at all times focusing on the perspective of an adult soul. Stop emphasizing factors that are less important, such as external characteristics of a person, as well as their stated affiliations, whether religious, philosophical, or political. All of those are merely shadows on the wall.

As Metatron often puts it: “we have faith in you”.