A metaphysical understanding of densities

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In order to understand the structure of reality it is imperative to get a grip on the notion of densities, that is the varying levels of connection that energy within this system has to Source. Below you will find Archangel Metatron’s attempt at providing a metaphysical understanding of densities, and enumerate some of the key takeaways and things that we all can use when observing reality around us.

When we speak of densities, it is important to discuss the greater context in which they need to be understood. The purpose of the holographic projection in which you exist is there for you to experience reality, such as it is. Your own self, others around you, and the interactions between you. This is the purpose of the theme park in which you have been inserted, for a little time. As such there are many types of experiences that can be had, some more dynamic and fluid than others. And so, when we talk about densities they are there in order for you to be able to have a wide ranging palette of experiences, some more engrossed in the illusion, and some less so.

With the starting understanding that everything around you is a holographic projection we can again apply the metaphor of a video game. There is a certain resolution of your environment, and this resolution exist at many levels simultaneously. From the large and coarse down to the minute and tiny. It is being created by energies managed by the souls specifically designed to perform this function. Since this energy has been pulled from the infinite sea of intelligent energy, just as everything within Creation has, there are several options of how to express this for you to perceive and interact with. Some energy has been pulled less from the source, and some has been pulled farther away, for the purpose of creating a more convincing illusion. This is, on a larger scale, what we mean by densities. The varying levels of intensity and connection with Source, when it comes to the energies used to create your environment.

So, with this as background we can now delve more into the details of this design. As you perhaps know there are twelve major densities within your universe. All universes are different, and some have more, some have less, and as a universe grows, both in terms of the amount of energy that has been pulled in, and as the souls behind the projection grow older and more experienced, the number of differentiations between densities grow. A long time ago the number of densities were fewer, now they are more, and this will continue as the richness possible grows with more experience and capability.

There are two main ways to think of density within this explanation. One is to look primarily at the energy thus engaged in the projection, the physical reality in which you exist. The second is to understand the densities of energy used to create your four energy bodies, within which your chakras exist. These are two separate constructs, and can have separate levels of density. While we will not go into it in detail here it is also important to understand that a universe such as yours, created using the dodecahedral symmetries, can have five separate dimensions overlaid each other, each a separate space for exploration and experience, yet connected at times through portals and other forms of technology. In this writing we will focus mainly on densities, and we would refer you to our writing in the Nature of Consciousness Series for details on dimensions and their specifics.

The densities of physical reality, the holographic projection which you can perceive, are such that lower densities are farther away from Source, and higher densities are closer to Source. The highest density is one within which all souls exist, without any possibility of directly having any experiences. But they have the possibility of pulling more energy into the system which they can then express. And so no matter what density your surroundings are at there is always levels of density beneath it, through the connections of the souls that play within this sandbox, either by means of the holographic projection souls, or the souls which embody themselves in physical incarnations and use those tools as ways of exploring themselves and others.

In your current situation we might say that you are mostly in third density, but quickly ascending up to the fourth density. By this word, ascension, it is a combination of referring to the changes in the material resolution, or density, whereby the energies projected gain more freedom to express themselves, and where the laws of nature, which do not exist as laws and more as habits, will tend to become more fluid. With higher densities, meaning higher connections between blobs of energies, comes more options and opportunities to express complex behavior. This is true then also of your own energy bodies which are rising with your environment, allowing you more freedom to perceive and express your free will within this environment.

This is, ultimately, what ascension is. It has nothing to do per se with the paths of light and dark, but it is simply a change in the environment in which you find yourselves. Just as those on the path of light, typically referring to themselves as light workers, will gain more opportunities to play, so will the dark side of things also gain more tools. It is a balanced battlefield, in which conflicts can be enacted as plays between souls choosing differing ways of expressing themselves.

When we look at the practical implications of this we can make a few notes so that you can understand how these principles can be determined by observation. The first we would say is that that there are plenty of so-called mythical creatures which exist in higher densities compared to yours. The highest possible density with a physical existence is the sixth density, and so things like dragons, unicorns, fairies, and jinn are most comfortable in this part of space. They are all around you, and they can make themselves known to you indirectly, just as an evening breeze will make itself known without ever being seen. This is the proper way to think about it.

As you rise in density yourself, and become able to perceive higher and higher densities, these beings will no longer be able to hide, and so once again they will be a part of your life and culture, just as they were before, in ancient times. Stories are made the way they are for a reason, there is causality behind every thought and perception, and to think that these things are purely imaginations is childish indeed. The time of legend is coming back, in full force, mark my words.

The sixth density is also populated by what you might call extraterrestrials. In truth these are your cousins, so to speak, as the human race was engineered by these beings a long time ago, and have been waiting for the reptilian plague to come to an end, which it now has. As such these beings will make themselves known to you, first gradually, then suddenly, by appearing in front of your eyes with their spectacular craft and other modes of transport. Once you understand that reality is a projection there is less need to travel from point to point the long way, as portals become an integral and natural way of getting around vast distances in the blink of an eye.

This concludes our brief look into what densities are, and how they express themselves in your current reality. As we progress along the ascension, which is now inevitably on its way, the circumstances around you will change. You must be prepared to change with it, or perish from the cognitive dissonance that otherwise will follow. We have already outlined how to deal with cognitive dissonance in a previous writing, and so we would refer to that for a greater understanding of this problem. The more you understand, the more able you will be to handle the forthcoming changes with ease and pleasure, rather than fear and disintegration of your mind. Well prepared is the way to go, in our view.

Archangel Metatron

As an introduction to this complex topic the above is about as good as it gets. There are a few things to note in relation to the above which you may find useful.

First of all, as mentioned above the concept of densities is very relevant to the notion of UFOs, especially the ones which are in essence spacecraft of our extraterrestrial cousins. The reason they can move so fast is in part because of technology, and in part simply because in their higher density the space that we share behaves differently, and allows for faster traversal.

The rate of time itself is different in our density compared to theirs as well. To us it seems they are zipping by at extreme speeds, but because of the temporal rate differences from their point of view they are moving at normal speeds, and we are incredibly slow. One hour for us might be a hundred hours for them, as a rough reference point. A tic tac craft that moves from fifty thousand feet to ground level in a second then would from their point of view take about a minute and a half. Plenty of time, in other words. As their craft are able to shift densities up and down, by means of technology, this also allow them to appear and disappear at will, as needed.

As Metatron mentions there are more things than just UFOs that can shift up and down in densities. When it comes to for example dragons and jinn we would refer you to our Chronicles of Blue Bell book series for examples of interactions between various versions of ourselves and the First Dragon Drago and the King of the Jinn, Dimitri. They move in and out of view at will, with ease. And yes, Dimitri’s personality is, from our own experience, exactly as described in the books. Larger than life, with an interesting sense of humor.

Finally it is important to stress that densities and dimensions are two very different concepts. These terms are not interchangeable. There are five dimensions and twelve densities in this universe. In our experience when other authors and teachers start talking about the seventh dimension that’s a good cue to stop reading. But that’s just us. Discernment is needed, as with all things.

For more information on these topics we refer you to our book series Nature of Consciousness, in particular the opening book Overview of Reality as well as the book The Expansion of Densities and Dimensions.