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Blue Bell books now exclusively on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited! (2/5/2023)

Great news! We have decided to focus on Amazon Kindle as our only book distributor. This now allows us to make our catalogue available through Kindle Unlimited, so if you have an account our books are accessible to you.

New YouTube video: What is Incarnation? (10/30/2022)

Our latest YouTube video is titled: “What is Incarnation? | Illustrated and Elucidated“.In it we explain where souls come from, how incarnation works, and how this is related to phenomena such as near death experiences, spirit attachments, and multiple personality disorder.Enjoy! https://youtu.be/up_zjk9lIvc

New YouTube video: What are Parallel Timelines? (10/26/2022)

Our latest YouTube video is titled: “What are Parallel Timelines? | Illustrated and Elucidated“.

In it we explain how timelines work, and how they create phenomena such as deja vu, the Mandela effect, prophecies, and predictions. We also explain how the Philadelphia Experiment actually happened, but in a different timeline. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/4hIt-FumBYQ