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New YouTube video: What are Parallel Dimensions? (9/16/2022)

Our third video on the “BlueBellAuthor” YouTube channel has been uploaded:
What are Parallel Dimensions? | Illustrated and Elucidated
What are parallel dimensions? Is there more to the universe than what we can see ourselves? In this video we describe the parallel dimensions of the holographic projection we usually call the universe. We then apply this understanding to dark matter, portals, and manifestations of parallel dimensions in our culture and arts. 

New YouTube video: What are Densities? (9/2/2022)

Our second video on the “BlueBellAuthor” YouTube channel has been uploaded:
What are Densities? | Illustrated and Elucidated

This video covers the structure of reality, what densities, dimension, and time is, and how we can apply this to UFOs, mythical beings such as bigfoot, and how magic was possible in ancient Egypt but not now.


We are on YouTube! (8/26/2022)

We are now on YouTube! Our channel name is “BlueBellAuthor“, and we will be posting videos explaining some of the concepts we cover in our “Nature of Consciousness” book series. Enjoy, like, and subscribe!
Our first video is also our submission to the Physics and Consciousness Contest, arranged by Curt Jaimungal from the Theories of Everything channel. Check him out as well!